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Canva - August’s Tech Tool for National Library Card Month

When you’re learning a new tech tool, it’s always a good idea to learn about it and immediately use it for a purpose. So, this month we are using our tech tool to prepare for September, which is national Library Card Sign-Up Month.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. Many districts have figured out ways to partner with their public library to promote events like summer reading programs. Why not reach out and ask for help with library card sign-up rallies for students and families? Reach out to your public library and see what they have to offer your students. Will they visit your campuses and co-host an event to help facilitate this process. WIll they sponsor a table at Open House/Back-to-School Night?

Will they come to your school library one of the first open weeks to help you register students for an “all access pass” (library card) to the digital resources found at our public library? Maybe they’d even help your campus librarians man a table at a football game! Imagine the number of families you could get library cards for at a big event like that! (If you do this be sure to tag us on social media! #LibrarianInfluencers. That would be exciting!!!!)

Several years ago when I was the library services coordinator for a local school district, I worked with our district’s printshop to print “virtual library” cards for each campus. I surprised the librarians with these library cards and they were able to distribute them to their students and teachers. These cards were created using a standard business card template. We actually used the template already created for central office staff and customized it for our purposes. It made it that much easier for our print shop team.

So, this month, let's look at Canva which is a free online tech tool loaded with a large number of templates ready for you to customize. They have several business card templates. These templates can be edited anyway you see fit. Add your campus or district logo. Add your school colors. Edit the wording to fit what your district/campus does to access the resources. Let’s get busy creating!

Watch this step by step video for how-to steps:

(front of card)

(back of card)

I hope you find one template that is close to what you need to get started. It can be fun to pass out “virtual library” cards to our school family. Please always remember to never post your usernames and passwords online.

Hint: If your district does not have a print shop like mine did, you can always use a local printing company or someone you find online. You should be able to find printing in the range of $0.04-$0.20 per card.

Dr. Laura

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