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Get Out From Behind Your Circulation Desk! with Allie Cornejo

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Allie Cornejo from Harlingen CISD in Harlingen, Texas. She just wrapped up her 3rd year as a school librarian in a health professions high school.

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In this podcast Allie recalls many lessons learned and shares her accomplishments during her first year in the library.

- She describes the first magical moment she walked in to her new library and knew that this was her very own library!

- She experienced a big transition changing districts to start her first job as a school librarian.

- She remembers feeling overwhelmed and the feeling of gratitude she felt when her district library coordinator and other district librarians reached out to her in support.

- Allie developed a strong partnership with her campus principal, which you will hear her refer to in other parts of our interview.

- She encourages you to be “brave before perfect” and try new things.

Here are a couple of Librarian Influencer strategies Allie shared:

- Get out from behind your circulation desk.

- Your relationship with your principal can strengthen the influence you have on campus.

These are some professional technology resources Allie uses to stay sharp as a librarian:

- Texas Library Journal -

- TCEA’s TechEdge -

- Goodreads -

- Twitter - txlchat or RGVLibChat -



Be a professional learning presenter at conferences

My chat with Allie was very inspiring and filled with ways she builds relationships and practices being “brave before perfect”.

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