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Self-Care Ideas for Students and Adults with Counselor Rosa Linda Cruz

Special Coronavirus Podcast Series: Part 4

Day 1- Dr. ET for how to help support parents transitioning to teaching their own children at home

Day 2 - Amanda Jones, a librarian preparing to support her students and campus during their COVID19 closure

Day 3 - Student Liv Van Ledtje and her mother, Cynthia Merrill discuss the students’ take on remote learning.

Join me for Day 4 where I interview Rosa Linda Cruz, a school counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, discusses self-care ideas for students and adults to use during this time. Listen to her interview here:

Rosa Linda’s Tips:

  • Avoid excessive exposure to media. Excessive exposure can wear you down mentally and physically.

  • Maintain connections with family and friends. Call, text, FaceTime, etc.

  • Add some self-care, quiet time, walks/exercise to your new routine.

  • Breathing Technique - listen to the podcast for guided practice at 17:11 mark

  • Tapping Solutions - listen to the podcast for guided practice at 22:31 mark

  • Progressive Relaxation - listen to the podcast for guided practice at 27:50 mark

Twitter Resources:

Additional Resources Online:

To connect with Rosa Linda check out her website

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