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Kids Need to See You! A Student's Perspective - with Liv Van Ledtje and Cynthia Merrill

Special Coronavirus Podcast Series: Part 3

Day 1- Dr. ET for how to help support parents transitioning to teaching their own children at home

Day 2 - Amanda Jones, a librarian preparing to support her students and campus during their COVID19 closure

Day 3 is quite a treat! Join me as we hear from Liv Van Ledtje, a student in New Hampshire, and her mother, Cynthia Merrill. Liv will be participating in remote learning until April 6th. Listen the interview here!

Liv is very active on social media and uses her superpowers to use digital for good. As an example, Liv created a list for Live Read Alouds by Authors so that children could still have a regular storytime while they are at home during this crisis. (Be sure to credit her if you share this site!) As well, she has created a Liv’s List of her favorite free apps and websites for creating.

Here are some tips from Liv and Cynthia:

  • Students need to feel connected. The teacher can use platforms like Zoom and Flipgrid to have their morning meeting. Liv likes to refer to social distancing as physical distancing because we all need to feel connected. (Liv Van Ledtje)

  • This is an opportunity to learn how to “create with technology” and “use digital for good” to “connect us in positive ways”. (Cynthia Merrill)

  • Even Liv’s ballet teacher has found a way to host class remotely on Instagram Live! (Liv Van Ledtje)

  • Your kids need a sense of predictability to help create a sense of normalcy. (Cynthia Merrill)

  • It’s important for your students to see you (teachers) and know that you care about them. (Cynthia Merrill)

To connect with Liv check out her website

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