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Librarianship Is a Science… But It’s Also an Art.: with Abby Moore

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Abby Moore. Abby serves as the lead librarian for 4 campuses in Texas. Click here to listen now!

Here are some key ideas Abby shared:

  • If you are split between campuses, spend time building up your support staff at each site.

  • Abby’s book clubs have a service component to them. They raised money to donate to a cause they supported.

  • When you get a new administrator, work on getting to know their expectations of the library.

  • Tighten up your collection development policies.

Abby thinks of school libraries as a science and an art.

  • School libraries are an “art” because you are constantly reworking your program.

  • Reader’s Advisory is simply asking students what they like to read. Having knowledge of your collection helps you serve your students. Doing this well is an “art” and can be a game changer.

  • Collection development is an “art”. Abby wants to have a hand in this process and not leave it up to vendors.

  • She believes strongly in genrefication. The “art” comes in when you make the call of where to put the book. Be flexible. If it doesn’t work, change the genre label and try another genre. Abby’s students played a role in genrefying the library.

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with all of the trends.

You can connect with Abby Moore at:

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