Hour of Code Event

Hello, everyone!

I know that spirits are high with Thanksgiving break just around the corner. So hang in there! Before you leave for break, let's start mapping out your Hour of Code Event.

Library Stations

Are you working face to face with some or all of your students? If so, you might set up stations for the students to rotate through. I'm quite sure socially distancing and hygiene are weighing heavy on your mind.

Do your students have their own computers they bring to class/library? If so, count yourself blessed. You can use some task cards/handouts for your students to use when they visit you in the library. They can use their own device and follow the tasks you have set up for them.

But, if that is not the case, don't worry! You won't have to wipe your laptops or iPads down after every session if you choose some unplugged activities. Unplugged activities are just what they sound like. They are "unplugged" because they do not require any devices. Unplugged activities use tangible objects or even just paper and marker to teach programming concepts through activities that seem like games.

On the Hour of Code website, you can choose the filters: Classroom Technology - No computers or devices. Then, because you are working with the students face to face, I'd recommend also filtering it down to the one-hour unplugged activities. You will find unplugged activities that use decks of cards, plastic cups, and even plain paper.

Here is one that caught my eye: iRobot Code Break. You'll find some cute printables where the students must solve offline puzzles using programming concepts, math and more! By the time they finish that have cracked the code to discover where the Root Robot is hiding!