Computer Science Education Week Is One Month Away!

Planning is an essential part of what you do. When I studied my November program planner from, I saw that Computer Science Education Week is coming up next month!

2020 Computer Science Education Week will be December 7-13, 2020.  This is the time we celebrate with events like Hour of Code. In all honesty you can host an Hour of Code anytime of the year.  But this is just the “big week” when many of us join hands across the world and help our students get exposed to coding at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.

When you visit the CSEW website you'll see it shows that over 1 billion people have participated. What? Did I write that correctly? Yes, I did! You can drill down a little further and see that the United States is leading the way in this effort. Outstanding! You can also see who is hosting an event in your state. They might be a good connection for you as you start planning.