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Start Making Plans Now for a Return to Campus : with Juan Andres Samperio

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Washington D.C. school librarian Juan Andres Samperio. He worked 5 months in a high school library prior to the pandemic. So the majority of his library experience has been as a virtual school librarian! Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Juan shared:

  • You are part of the education community and have a big impact serving in your role as librarian.

  • He finds he has a special opportunity for supporting undocumented high school students.

  • The connections he makes with the students have been more impactful while working from home. He finds that he can mentor students more.

Juan is making plans for when the students and teachers return face-to-face to campus.

  • He is thinking about the kinds of physical materials they might want to browse through like magazines and print books.

  • He is making plans to bring books and reading print books back in hoped that we become less dependent on technology.

  • He thinks it would help if librarians would visit classrooms (instead of just sending emails) and see in person what teachers need.

Juan is beginning to work on a school museum and would love to connect with others who have ideas about this kind of thing.

You can connect with Juan Samperio at:

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