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Making a Difference Every Day!

Time for some heart to heart as you start thinking about going back to work. Raise your hand if these thoughts cross your mind as you start thinking about next year.

You know it's true. Most school librarians are a one person show. They do it all with little or no help from anyone but their student volunteers.

This!!! School librarians wear so many different hats. Story-time teller, book checker outer, professional development trainer, speaker at the PTA meeting, research trainer, textbook manager, administrative support, inventory manager, and on and on. And somewhere in there we fit in things like shelving books and teaching lessons.

Go ahead and admit it. You've had this "thing" you've wanted to do since sometime last year. At first it was a passing thought. Then you became kind of obsessed with it. And now it's killing you because you want to do this "thing" so bad for your students and staff. Is it genre-fying your collection? Maybe redoing the floor plan? Writing a grant for remodeling?


Having a strong Personal Learning Network (PLN) in place can help with all these things. Over the last several weeks, I've been talking about intentionally building your PLN using social media. Start with this post about PLCs vs PLNs and work yourself forward through the weeks.

School librarians are one of the hardest working groups of professionals I know. My personal goal is to help school librarians take action steps to build their personal learning network (PLN) and take charge of their personal and professional development so they can flourish as an effective instructional partner in the library, classroom, and school.

I want to invite you to register for a free webinar I'm hosting on Thursday, August 6th at 7 PM CST.

By taking some simple action steps, you can stop spinning your wheels and see where to focus your time and energy. Doing these 3 key things now can help you turn your vision into reality.

Sound interesting?

Click here to register.

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