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Libraries Store the Energy that Fuels the Imagination: with Valarie Trice

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Valarie Trice. Valarie is the Media Specialist at the Dooly County K-8 Academy in Georgia. Click here to listen now!

Here are some key ideas Valarie shared:

  • Do your research to learn about the role of media specialist in your district, especially if you start the job before you're certified.

  • Remember literacy touches every content area in your building.

  • Reach out and find a mentor as you’re getting started.

  • Build a network of people you can rely on.

  • Meet with your admin team to ask what their expectations are for your role

  • Are there things the admin want you to continue or things to change?

  • Meet with your teachers and ask what worked to support them previously.

Valarie focuses on building relationships with students and teachers:

  • Stay connected in person and online.

  • Keep your website and social media updated for all of your audience, even parents! Take advantage of the pandemic online momentum.

  • Make your media center a warm and inviting place. Be kid-friendly!

  • Develop your collection to make it interesting and relatable to your students.

  • Valarie has a Leadership Committee - teachers and students that discusses ideas and books for the media center

  • She uses curriculum maps to help her connect with classroom learning

You can connect with Valarie Trice at:

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