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Time to Update Your Elevator Speech

Around this time last year I encouraged everyone to work on their elevator speech. You can look back at this post to see it in its entirety. A well written elevator speech can be tweaked for different audiences: talking to the board, talking to a grant/donor, talking to a disgruntled parent, etc.

You might have an elevator speech that you wrote in the past. But, as you know times have changed and we are starting school in a completely unique environment this year. I want to encourage you to take some time this weekend to either tweak your previous elevator speech or start from scratch.

Be sure to include how you are still serving in many of the same roles. But, how you are fulfilling that role has changed drastically in some situations. Maybe it's your tagline that needs some updating to show how you are providing face-to-face, hybrid, and remote learning assistance.

It's important to show our value as this new year kicks off. We were very visible last spring when we came to the rescue of so many educators and families who needed help transitioning to a digital environment. Some of you may find yourself in a different setting this year, maybe even outside of the physical library. Yet, you are still performing many of your librarian duties.

An updated elevator speech can be the perfect way to remind people who you are and the valuable role you play. So, as you rest up this Labor Day weekend, let the 4 elevator speech quadrants roll around in your thinking: vision statement, mission statement, core values, and tagline.

If you need a little help, here’s a template you can download and fill in.

Happy Labor Day weekend! Take care!

Dr. Laura

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