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Branding Your Library: with Sarah Scholl

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Maryland librarian Sarah Scholl. She has been a middle school librarian for the last 9 years. Click here to listen now.

Here are some librarian influencer tips Sarah shared:

  • Don’t be afraid to clean out what the previous librarian left behind, even their lesson plans!

  • Sarah worked on reading through her stacks before she tackled weeding. She wanted to have a good grasp of what her collection consisted of.

  • It takes time to get to know your school community. Make the time to build those relationships upfront.

  • Seek out new teachers. They may be more likely to co-plan and work with you.

  • During times like these, try to develop a sense of normalcy for students and teachers. This may not be the year to try something totally new for you or your students.

Tips on Branding Your Library:

  • Branding is really advocacy. With advocacy we help others see what we are doing in the library.

  • Figure out how your library aligns to your school’s vision and mission.

  • The librarian becomes the voice for the librarian brand. This brand could be passed on to the next librarian who moves into your position.

  • Here is a free handout with steps to start building your brand. First Five Steps to Branding Your School Library

  • She is offering a bootcamp course in 2021. You can sign up for the Level Up Your Library: Branding Bootcamp Waitlist

You can follow Librarian Influencer Sarah Scholl at:

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