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I teach school librarians action steps to build their personal learning network (PLN) and take charge of their personal and professional development so they can flourish as an effective instructional partner in the library, classroom, and school.



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Jessica Hedrick

"I have been given so many opportunities to grow a professional network through
Dr. Sheneman’s introductions to others. I have improved vastly on my understanding of use and implementation of different types of technology and have learned how important involvement in organizations that support the profession are and how easy it is to be involved."


Adriana Martindale

"I was able to put things I learned into practice immediately. I was then able to submit the documentation of those things to my principal for my summative review.”


Amy Marquez

"I started off as an elementary librarian with a goal to eventually work in a secondary setting. When I knew an opening was coming up for a high school in my district, Dr. Sheneman took the time to meet with me and help me form the presentation that I would later use during my interview.


She had great insight into the administrative side of the hiring process. She helped me formulate answers to possible interview questions. She also helped me consider what different approach I would need to take at a secondary level versus elementary.


I am truly grateful to Dr. Sheneman for her advice and inspiration. Thank you, Dr. Sheneman, for helping me grow as a librarian and for providing a positive role model for me. I aspire to be at the forefront of the library science field as my mentor, Dr. Sheneman, is."

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