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☀️Your Summer Podcast Playlist 🎙️

Summer officially arrived this week! I love this time of year because it also includes my birthday! Like many of you I am focusing on self-care this summer. I will have a couple of new podcasts to share with you. But, for much of the summer I will share some podcast playlists with you!

Hopefully you can put the podcast on speaker or dig out your earbuds so you can listen to some new favorite podcast episodes while you're enjoying time doing whatever you like to do in the summer.

You can play these episodes live or download them to take with you wherever you go this summer! Make this a part of your self-care routine this summer!

There you go! 3 podcasts to listen to when the mood hits you! They may just speak some inspiration as you enjoy your summer. I'll share more playlists later! Happy summer!

Dr. Laura

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