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Where Are They Now? 100th Podcast Celebration!

The Librarian Influencers Podcast is celebrating its 100th episode this week! For this special event I invited back my first interviewee and 3 librarians we met during various stages of the Covid 19 pandemic. Please join me in this fun and reflective conversation with librarians Jackie Torres (Texas), Jenn Roth (Pennsylvania), K.C. Boyd (Washington D.C.), and Wenndy Pray (Texas). Click here to listen now!

What positives have come from teaching and learning during the pandemic?

  • Jackie Torres - Her self-confidence grew because she has to reach out to everyone since she was new to her campus.

  • Jenn Roth - She built rapport with her students even more than previously. A shift in the schedule allowed her more time to connect with students in new ways. And now that they are back face to face, she can connect students more easily to books they will love.

  • K.C Boyd - She reconnected with bibliotherapy as a way to reach students and their needs. K.C. focused on “giving myself grace and space”.

  • Wenndy Pray - Pre-pandemic she felt confined to the physical space. But the pandemic allowed her to break down the walls of the library and serve in a larger way. She looks for the “covid blessings”.

How have you kept supporting student’s love of reading during this time?

  • Jackie Torres - She used choice boards to showcase eBooks her students had access to.

  • Jenn Roth - She pushed her eBook collection and used choice boards. She found ways to bring virtual guest readers to her students.

  • K.C Boyd - We encouraged the students to read what they wanted to read. Choice! Read for enjoyment. My district also provided themed monthly booklists.

  • Wenndy Pray - She worked to continue what she was doing in a virtual setting. She used Flipgrid and Wakelet to do book talks.

Compare librarians’ influence pre and post pandemic.

  • Jackie Torres - The pandemic pulled her out of her comfort zone and she learned how to use a lot more tech tools. She earned a lot of certifications during this time.

  • Jenn Roth - More teachers reached out for assistance during the pandemic. This pushed Jenn to go above and beyond as she looked for resources. This pandemic has pushed us to consider what our profession can do vs what our profession does do.

  • K.C Boyd - Her chancellor acknowledged that librarians stepped up during the pandemic which was so encouraging. Librarians were able to amplify their voices to showcase what they do to support students, teachers and parents. K.C. sees this time as a wonderful re-emergence of our profession and opportunity to showcase our skills.

  • Wenndy Pray - The pandemic catapulted us to the forefront of people’s thinking. Wenndy was able to develop partnerships and collaborations at the national level.

What technology tools were essential to you during the pandemic?

Here are the links to my guests’ original interviews:

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