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Ways to Influence a School’s Reading Culture : with Kelly Hincks

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Michigan librarian Kelly Hincks. Kelly works at a private elementary school outside of Detroit where she works with PK-3rd graders. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian thoughts Kelly shared:

  • Realize you are in a unique position to understand the history of the child as a learner.

  • You can bridge gaps and make connections from one year to the next.

  • Slow down, listen and be observant so you will notice opportunities for connection and collaboration.

  • Kelly started a sparkle notebook to help her find the joy in what she does everyday.

  • Everyday she stops and writes down one thing that happened that was awesome. She now has anecdotal data that she can use with her annual report.

  • It also helps her with her follow-up. She goes back to ask, questions, reflect, or even thank those with whom she collaborated or worked on a project with. If a teacher is part of her sparkle for the day she makes sure to let them know! (Love this!)

Kelly also shared about Book Love: Ways to Influence a School’s Reading Culture:

  • Kelly’s MAME48 workshop was about how reading and discussions around books have been infused into all aspects of her school. She was kind enough to share the slides from her presentation:

  • Kelly identifies a school's reading culture as choice, access, and positivity. Listen as she shares her fabulous ideas related to each of these!

  • Kelly refers to Jennifer Lagarde’s blogpost: Six Tips for Building Book Displays That Matter

  • Kelly encourages everyone to build their “backable circle”. After reading a book called Backable by Suneel Guptam, Kelly understood the idea of a backable circle.

  • Backable has been Kelly’s guide for developing advocacy. The basic concept is that you need 4 kinds of people around you. Gupta calls them the 4Cs: collaborator, coach, cheerleader and cheddar. Kelly provides an in depth description of these roles during her podcast interview.

You can connect with Kelly Hincks at:

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