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Trauma Informed Care Through the School Library: with Elizabeth Pelayo

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Elizabeth Pelayo. Beth works as the LRC director and media specialist at a high school in Illinois. Click here to listen now!

Here are some key thoughts Beth shared about literacy:

  • Beth recommends using Knowledge Quest and podcasts like The Librarian Influeners podcast to communicate with other librarians and get ideas.

  • Librarians are a welcoming community. So reach out and connect.

  • Beth is focusing on SEL needs of her students post pandemic.

One of Beth’s focuses is trauma informed care through the school library.

  • She encourages librarians to think about their policies and how they impact students' social emotional needs. Help foster resilience in the students. Think about how you help students get through the day,

  • Beth started using calming craft bags for students.

  • She helped eliminate students stress by eliminating fines for late books.

  • Here is a link to one her writings:

  • Focusing on SEL shows your teachers that you are ready to partner with them on behalf of their students’ needs.

You can connect with Beth Pelayo at:

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