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Transitioning to a Flexible Schedule: with Amy Andrews

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Amy Andrews, a school librarian in New York. Click here to listen to her interview now.

In this podcast, Amy describes her first year in the school library.

  • She remembers working through the ideals she learned in graduate school vs the reality that she faced in the day to day on the job.

  • She describes the elementary library as a 10-month class that really lasts for 6 years, Kinder through 5th grade.

Amy shared her experience switching from a completely fixed to a majority flexible schedule.

  • She inherited a library with a flexible schedule her first year and didn’t realize how fortunate she was. Her next library position was in a fixed specials rotation.

  • A specialist was brought in to work with the school on a 6-day rotation cycle. 2 PEs, 2 FLES (foreign language), 1 Music, 1 Art, and Library was now by appointment only.

  • Draw teachers in by offering to help them in the areas they are not comfortable covering.

  • She uses the WIN (What I Need) period as a time students can exchange books in the library.

You can follow Librarian Influencer Amy Andrews at:

COVID 19 Update from Amy:

Well, this school year is not what I thought it would be! I was supposed to have an author visit with Lauren Tarshis today! Anyway, I now know a lot more about Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Screencastify, and Novel Effect than I did a month ago! I hope all are staying home and staying safe.

~Amy Andrews

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