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Teach, Create, and Lead from Your Library: with Holly Frilot

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Georgia librarian Holly Frilot. She is the supervisor for Library Media Education in Cobb County, Georgia where she oversees over 100 school libraries! Holly is also the president of the Georgia Library Media Association and also does some adjunct work for The University of West Georgia. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Holly shared:

  • Listen to your patrons your first year. Find out what worked well and what needed tweaking.

  • Engage people and gauge their entry points to get them into the library. Holly shares an awesome breakdancing story!

  • Study people and identify their needs. This will help you figure out how to serve them best.

  • Find ways to show administrators the impact you have on students. In her case, her district developed a Library Learning Commons Certification which focuses on resources, services, and intentional spaces.

  • Librarians are leaders. They don’t just play a support role.

* You are a key player in the literacy movement on your campus.

* You are a key player to “move everyone from being tech savvy to tech literate”.

* Speak to how your library media program helps meet school goals.

  • Schedule time once or twice a month and reflect on where you want to go with your library. Put it on your calendar.

  • Join your state library organization so you can find people who are in similar roles as you.

You can connect with Holly Frilot at:

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