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Relationships Are Invaluable! with Amanda Galliton

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Amanda Galliton has worked for 10 years as a school librarian. She is currently a Texas Middle School Librarian in Burkburnett ISD.

In this podcast Amanda does a great describing her first year in the library as she slowly transitioned from being a teacher to librarian on the same campus! Amanda was fortunate to have the previous librarian guide her for a while as she adjusted to her new role.

You can find the podcast on my podcast page, your favorite podcast player, or by visiting this link

Here are some Librarian Influencer strategies Amanda shared:

- Set up an environment where students have to take responsibility like the maker room Amanda describes.

- Believe in yourself!

- You have the degree and teaching experience. Trust it!

These are some ways Amanda stays sharp as a librarian:

- Social media has been a huge help, Twitter and Facebook in particular.

Amanda tries her best to read the latest books so she can give recommendations to students.

Professional Book Recommendation: Lead with Literacy: A Pirate Leader's Guide to Developing a Culture of Readers

Listen to my chat with Amanda for some practical and down to earth first year advice. Click here to listen in now!

You can follow Librarian Influencer Amanda Galliton at:

Twitter: @AmandaGalliton


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