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Put What You Learn Immediately Into Practice! with Amy Marquez

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Amy Marquez from Pharr San Juan Alamo ISD in San Juan, Texas. She has worked for 10 years in school libraries including elementary and now high school where she serves dual enrollment high school students and their teachers.

You can find the podcast on my podcast page, your favorite podcast player, or by visiting this link

In this podcast Amy does a wonderful job recalling her first year in the library and what the transition was like moving from classroom teacher to school librarian.

- She experienced a big change moving from 8th grade teacher to her first library class with prekindergarten students.

- She remembers feeling overwhelmed by the fast pace.

- She wanted desperately to weed everything; but quickly learned she first needed to get to know the collection and her patrons’ reading preferences before weeding.

- She learned the value of making friends with the principal and meeting regularly so the principal will value the hard work you are doing in the library.

Here are some Librarian Influencer strategies Amy shared:

- Campus Leadership - She meets regularly with her principal and instructional coach and aims to train teachers each six weeks when possible.

- Students - She has a student library Advisory board which helps her with library programming.

- Beyond the Campus Library - She presents workshops at the district and regional levels.

These are some professional technology resources Amy uses to stay sharp as a librarian:

- TCEA’s TechNotes blog -

- Shake Up Learning -

My chat with Amy was rich with practical advice and tips! Click here to listen in now!

You can follow Librarian Influencer Amy Marquez at:

Twitter: @sotxlibrarian

Instagram: @MrsMarquezReads


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