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Passion, Innovation, and Creativty Can Flourish in the Library: with Christopher Churilla

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Pennsylvania librarian, Christopher Churilla. He works in a 5th and 6th grade library and also teaches STEAM classes. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Christopher shared:

  • His school calls library time “media studies class” to highlight the fact that librarians provide twenty-first century instructions.

  • Try to create hands-on lessons for your library students. Get them actively engaged. The library should be a fun place to be!

  • Recharge this summer! You need a fresh mind to think creatively and plan for the coming year. Send yourself some “me-mails” when the brilliant ideas come to your mind.

Here are some things Christopher Churilla does to connect with the curriculum:

  • Flexibility is key! This was especially true during the pandemic. Have hands-on and digital activities and resources ready to go. After the pandemic students can continue to access these items during vacation times.

  • Christopher shared about the Journey North website where you can simulate the Monarch butterfly migration for a fun curriculum connected project.

  • Digital Citizenship is a great focus for librarians/media specialists to teach students how to navigate the internet safely. Visit for lesson information.

  • Ask for copies of curriculum from the grade levels or departments you support. You can study them to determine areas you can supplement the curriculum.

  • Ask new teachers what they need from you to help them be successful.

You can connect with Christopher Churilla at:

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