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November's Tech Friday

Since it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, I decided to talk about the tech I’m thankful for. I get asked about my website and podcast a lot. So I’ll share about those tools! Everything I use is free except for my Wix and Libsyn accounts.

Podcast: The Librarian Influencers Podcast

  • G Suite- where I host my Google form surveys to gather interview names, schedule appointments in the Google calendar, share Google slides with the interview questions, and create show notes in Google docs

  • Zoom- where I see my interviewees and record our conversation

  • Audacity- where I edit all the interviews and save as mp4 files

  • Libsyn- where I upload each week’s podcast and connect the RSS feed to all the podcast platforms

That’s a lot to be thankful for! I’ve learned a lot since I started the blog in July and the podcast in August. It's been a fun journey! I’m thankful that school libraries changed my life personally and professionally! You can read more about my goals here

Thanks for all you do, school librarians. You are making a difference every day! Thank you for being a Librarian Influencer on your campus and in your district. The students need you. The teachers need you. Your administrator needs you. You are a vital part of their learning community!

Love to you all!

Dr. Laura

The Librarian Influencer of the week is Ana Maria Perez. You can hear her interview at

Follow her at:

Twitter: @AnaMPerez1


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