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Never Stop Dreaming

Hi, everyone!

I have a big announcement to share with you! This month I am retiring from the Texas public education system. I have accepted a position to teach in the school library media program at the University of West Georgia. I am fortunate to be allowed to work remotely from my home in Texas. So, this COVID 19 shelter in place will become my new normal, except I will get to leave the house soon!

I share this information with you because I know some of you are wondering about applying for library jobs during this time. There are still library positions open. Schools and organizations are still conducting interviews. So, apply now!

Here are some personal tips for prepping for your virtual interview.

  • Be sure to update your resume. Include a bullet or two that includes what you have done to support emergency remote learning. Think about the different audiences you have supported. Look back at this post and use some of the AASL standards to beef up the vocabulary of your resume. Be sure to ask a friend to proofread for you. It's so easy to overlook typos and to think you explained something; but to an outsider there is confusion. Be sure to use some of the organization’s vocabulary in your resume. If they say they are looking for leadership, use the word leadership in the bullet where you list your leadership examples. Otherwise, they may not pick up on what you think is an example of leadership. Make it easy and obvious for them to see how you match their job profile.

  • Find the perfect outfit for your interview. You might be online, but go ahead and get fully dressed, all the way down to your professional dress shoes. Don't be one of those people who dresses professionally from the waist up. We've all heard the stories of people who stand up and provide the audience a view no one expected to see! I even dabbed on a bit of perfume to give myself a boost of confidence. My husband is a Cheif Human Resource Officer. He always tells me to dress for the job I want to have, not for the job I currently have. Dress confidently for success.

  • Rehearse with a friend. Set up a Zoom or Google Hangout. Position your chair in such a way to maximize the background behind you. Choose a location where no one will walk behind you. A place where the background is attractive and uncluttered. Can you face a window to allow natural light to shine or your face? Do you happen to have a light ring you can use? Notice how your shoulders and face fill the computer window. Should you back up or sit closer. People want to see your face completely, not parts of your head. You can find some more tips in this video.

  • Prepare your responses to some common questions. The Texas Association of School Library Administrators has collected an excellent set of interview questions for school administrators to use. You can use this site also in your own preparations! These questions are not just for Texas librarians. They are useful for any school librarian interview.

  • Have you heard about Power Poses by Amy Cuddy? Here's a condensed version of her TedTalk. These poses are supposed to boost your feelings of power and confidence. I'll admit that I have practiced these poses before I give important talks and even before interviews. Give it a quick watch and see if you think it might be helpful to you.

I am very excited about my transition to fulltime work in a university's school library media program. It is exactly what I have been dreaming about over the last couple of years. I feel confident that the perfect job is out there waiting for you! Keep looking for it. Be selective and find something that is the right fit. That is something Stephanie Galvan Russel alluded to in her interview on my podcast.

Thank you for all of your support over the years. My Library Squad is like no other! I love you all!

Dr. Laura

Have you met the International Ed Tech Guy: Christopher Bell? He is an international school librarian in Tokyo, Japan. Listen to his interview here.

I also want to encourage you to nominate yourself or another librarian for a future interview with me. Submit their contact info here.

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Yes, Tracey! The blog and podcast will continue! Thanks for asking.


Tracey Mills
Tracey Mills
May 11, 2020

Congratulations. Will you still continue with your blog? It is so helpful!


Congratulations on your new job, Dr. Sheneman! Thank you for the tip on the power poses. I'm going to try that today before my interview today. The timing on your blog post was perfect for me!

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