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Libraries Are the Hub of Inquiry and Learning : with Margaret Alger and Jessica Kitta

The Librarian Influencers of the Week are Margaret Alger and Jessica Kitta . Margaret’s elementary school feeds into Jessica’s middle school in their Virginia district. These ladies both see their positions as a service role and believe being a librarian is the best job ever! Click here to listen now!

Margaret and Jessica shared how they are working hard to make their libraries future ready and how they transformed their libraries. They described their libraries as busy and buzzing! Libraries are the hub of inquiry and learning.

  • These ladies challenge you to think about your students and what they will need to be successful in the future.

  • Teachers teach students how to read. Librarians offer access to resources to create lifelong readers and learners.

  • Margaret and Jessica make the time to work on social emotional skills with their students. These skills will make their students future ready for the workforce.

  • Their libraries are busy and buzzing with a variety of activities, including a place to do creative things.

  • Students at both campuses have access to checkout books outside of their scheduled library time.

  • Search social media for new ideas to try in your library. But, give yourself grace and start small when you are trying to do new things in the library.

One resource referred to was the Triple E Framework to help you evaluate the usefulness of technology.

You can connect with Margaret and Jessicai at:

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