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Librarians Unleash Students’ Minds and Hearts: with Dr. Barbara Stripling

Happy National School Library month! The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Dr. Barbara Stripling. Barb was a K-12 librarian for about 20 years and moved on to administrative positions. Before retirement, she wrapped up her library career as a professor of practice with Syracuse University. Click here to listen now!

  • You can’t change everything.

  • Focus on students and recognize that all students have their own motivations, strengths, passions, and interests. Connect with students by paying attention to their personal characteristics.

  • Determine the priorities of your principal and let the principal know what you can do in the library to fulfill those priorities.

  • The role of the librarian is to empower students to be independent and thoughtful learners.

  • Take a strengths-based approach as you consider the strengths the students will bring back to your school and library when you return to a face-to-face environment.

Dr. Stripling wants librarians to learn more about the Inquiry Process:

  • She developed the Stripling Model of Inquiry.

  • In 2010 she worked with a team to create the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum (ESIFC) and worked to re-imagine it in 2019 to respond to changes in our students, schools, and the world of information.

  • The ESIFC is for PK - 12 students and is based on 4 information fluency standards with major indicators, comprehensive continuum of skills for each indicator.

  • The Anchor Standards

    • Inquiry & Design Thinking

    • Multiple Literacies

    • Social & Civic Responsibility

    • Personal Growth & Agency, including Social and Emotional Growth

  • You will find downloadable graphic organizers in Word for all priority skills.

  • Here is online access to the ESFIC with Creative Commons license:

You can connect with Dr. Barbara Stripling at:

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