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Laura Bush Foundation Grant

Grant writing is something many librarians add to their toolkit. For some librarians, grants make up their only funding. For others it may be like the icing on top that they use for special projects they are working on. But, no matter what, grant writing has become essential to many library programs.

Last week I hosted a mini grant workshop where I covered some basic grant writing tips and then dug in a little deeper to the Laura Bush Foundation grant, which has a deadline of January 29, 2021.

I invite you to login to my Pop Up PD webpage and view the recording. Here is a link to the slide deck I shared with the audience. There are a couple of links you might be interested in.

Good luck!

Dr. Laura

Did you meet Sarah Sansbury this week? She considers herself a human-centered librarian who focuses on those aspects as she sets up her library and makes plans. It's a great interview! Find some time to listen to her story.

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