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Instructional Collaboration & Partnerships Are a Game Changer : with Erin Baker

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Georgia librarian, Erin Baker. She works at a middle school library. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Erin shared:

  • Be resilient and know you will learn on the job and get better.

  • Gravitate towards the people. Align yourselves with others on campus so you can do your library work.

  • Be a coach and help people feel more confident in their abilities.

  • The pandemic has shown us that - “Yes, you can!” We can do hard things.

  • Focus on the good things learned by the students during the pandemic.

Here are some things Erin Baker does to support instructional collaboration & partnerships:

  • Realize we impact student engagement and student achievement.

  • Create video instruction to support your teachers who need help with technology. You can reuse these videos later.

  • Keep data to show you are teaching and have an impact on achievement.

  • Set goals each year.

  • Focus on creating a welcoming environment.

  • Find the people who are like you and “want to do the work” to have an impact on the students. Test out your new ideas with them.

You can connect with Erin Baker at:

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