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Information Literacy is a Foundational Skill Best Supported in the School Library : with Jesse Braun

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is teacher librarian Jesse Braun who works in Beverly Hills, California. Jesse is one of the 2021 recipients of ALA’s I Love My Librarian award. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Jesse shared:

  • One of his first tasks during the pandemic was to distribute over 1,000 bags of textbooks to his students. Teamwork to the rescue!

  • Jesse set up his chess club through and Zoom to use breakout rooms to play chess with each other.

  • He also hosts virtual book club meetings with his students.

  • Jesse uses a form for students to reserve books and offers curbside pickup.

  • He recommends finding a mentor to work with you as you learn your way around things like your circulation system. He says some vendors can also help you learn your way around the job.

As a Librarian, Jesse believes the future of school libraries lies in Information Literacy.

  • Traditional library services are extraordinarily important and relevant, but we are increasingly living in a world that has been divided along lines dictated by information literacy.

  • By developing critical reading and source evaluation skills we can help our students be better citizens, happier and more functional people, and active life-long learners.

  • A librarian should be a proactive and integrated teacher of students.

  • Visibility and access are essential to being effective in the role. If you aren’t working directly with classes of students on a daily basis, you should probably ask yourself why not?

  • Jesse recommends checking out Common Sense Media and Media Matters for America to see if these tools can be used in your library.

You can connect with Jesse Braun at:

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