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Improve Your Professional Organization Skills with Microsoft Teams: with Julie Hembree

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is teacher librarian Julie Hembree from the state of Washington.

In this podcast Julie recalls many lessons learned and shares her accomplishments during her first year in the library.

  • She was shocked at the isolation because she was used to collaborating with her team of teachers.

  • She had to seek out others in her district and beyond to improve her craft. (This is why she got better with technology – to reach out.)

  • She used Twitter initially but now is more into blogs and Facebook groups where she sees deeper talks about books and lessons.

Here are a couple of Librarian Influencer strategies Julie shared:

  • Technology can help you work in a more organized way.

  • She uses Microsoft Teams to help the students collaborate on projects.

  • She also uses Microsoft Teams for her library curriculum organization. Her book wish list, One Note notebook lesson plans, curriculum map, etc. Now everything is one place.

These are some professional technology resources Julie uses to stay sharp as a librarian:

  • Facebook Groups: Future Ready Librarians, Learning Librarians, Elementary Librarians, #classroombookaday

  • She is a constant learner always looking for ideas she can rework for her own use.

My chat with Julie was very enlightening as she described her use of technology to help herself and consequently impact her instruction with the students.

You can follow Librarian Influencer Julie Hembree at:

  • Twitter: @mrs_hembree

  • Facebook: Julie Hagstrom Hembree

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