Hot Topics from 2020: A Year in Review

The Librarian Influencers blog is 19 months old and the podcast is 17 months old. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting librarians around the world this year. We've been through quite a lot this year as a profession and we have risen to the opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic. I’d like to share some highlights from this past year.

Similar to last year, the blog has been seen in multiple countries across the world. The majority of visitors are from the United States of America, Canada, and Great Britain. If I focus on my own country, we’ve had visitors from all 50 states in America. The most American site visitors are from Texas, Pennsylvania, and California.

The hot topics this year with over 4,000 views total are:

It's no surprise that all of the hot topics were related to our services during the pandemic. We knew the tasks we were called to serve in and we plunged head first in to figuring it all out.