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Graphic Novels and Nerdvana Con

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Elsa Trevino-Dominguez. She has worked at both the middle and high school librarian and is currently in a high school library in the San Antonio, Texas area. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Elsa shared:

  • Look for movers and shakers in education and the library world to get you fired up and motivated. It will help you stay fresh and lessen any imposter syndrome feelings you have.

  • Stick to your guns when you think something is good for students. Fight for it in a professional way. Students come first. For example, graphic novels are literature. If they get students reading, then fight for the use of graphic novels.

  • The pandemic has helped create a stronger working relationship with her fellow district librarians.

Elsa Trevino-Domingez helped start the NISD Nerdvana Con.

  • Elsa strives to help students’ reading choices be validated. It is OK to read graphic novels, manga, and comic books.

  • Her passion for this genre motivated her to start the Nerdvana Con. It is similar to a Comic Con, but is primarily a literacy event. She has things like authors, writing events, cosplay, and gaming.

  • Listen to the interview to hear Elsa provide more info about her Nerdvana Con event.

You can connect with Elsa Trevino-Dominguez at:

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