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Goals - Just 15 Minutes This Weekend


Last night was a great webinar about school librarians Making a Difference Every Day in the lives of those they come in contact with. We had librarians from 2 countries in attendance. Fun!

I celebrated one year of podcasting and shared 3 things I've learned from interviewing school librarians this past year. While it may look like some librarians have superpowers to accomplish so much, they really don't. They are working their hearts out on behalf of those they serve. A lot of it has to do with how they've set themselves up for success. And I shared the top 3 things they seemed to all do. If you would like a replay link, please submit your email here.

We also talked about the importance of goal setting. I know we have a lot on our plates right now. But, carve out 15 minutes of your time this weekend to think about your goals for this school year. Don't make it a goal to survive the start of the school year. Make it a goal to THRIVE this year! To make a difference every day!

This weekend make 2 kinds of goals:

  1. Personal goal - what do you want to accomplish on a personal level? What would make you so proud?

  2. Professional goal - what do you want to accomplish in your library this year? Think beyond COVID-19. What do you really want to do this next year that will directly impact your library? What would make you so proud?

If you need a little inspiration, look back at this goal-setting post.

Be sure to grow your library squad like we talked about in the webinar. Share your goals with each other. They can push you on and help you with Plans B-Z when Plan A doesn't work out. They'll also be there to celebrate with you and cheer you on to higher heights!

Have a great weekend. Find that 15 minutes of time this weekend. You'll be a better person because of it.

Take care!

Dr. Laura

Did you meet Romeo Rosales this week? He is a public librarian doing awesome things to support local families like the ones you serve at school.

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