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Future Ready Librarians: with Shannon Miller


I was fortunate to meet up with Shannon Miller this week. Shannon is a K-12 Librarian and international speaker for school libraries. She is the spokesperson for Future Ready Librarians.

The Alliance for Education has developed several Future Ready frameworks for different education audiences such as principals, instructional coaches, and technology directors to name a few.

Take a peek at the Future Ready Librarians Framework. Shannon describes how each of the Future Ready wedges is the same. But the “edge of the wedge” changes to reflect the person’s role on campus.

Shannon challenges us to study the framework and set some goals for the year. Stay tuned to the website for an assessment tool you will be able to use for goal setting and to track your growth.

Follow Shannon Miller’s Work at:

- Twitter and Instagram: @ShannonMMiller

- Her school’s hashtag: #VanMeter

- Alliance for Education: Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series

- #FutureReadyLibs on Twitter and Instagram

You can listen to the interview on your favorite podcast player, my website, or through this direct link:

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