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Find a Mentor with Connie Harrison

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Connie Harrison from Michigan. She has worked in a variety of library settings, but currently splits her work time between two campuses.

You can find the podcast on my podcast page, your favorite podcast player, or by visiting this link

In this podcast Connie recalls many lessons learned and shares her accomplishments during her early years in the library.

  • She was a graduate students during her first year in the library. It was perfect to allow her to learn something in grad school and then try things out in her library the next day.

  • Find a mentor to help you have real-world experience while you are in grad school.

Here are a couple of Librarian Influencer strategies Connie shared:

  • Students who may not be part of the in-crowd groups can “find” themselves in the library.

  • We can relate to students and teachers on a different level.

  • Consider hosting a parent book club.

  • Networking is important and will help you promote what you do in the library.

  • Find a mentor.

These are some professional resources Connie uses to stay sharp as a librarian:

My chat with Connie was very inspiring and filled with words of wisdom from a veteran school librarian who is still seeking and learning every day.

You can follow Librarian Influencer Connie Harrison at:


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