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#EndLiteracyShaming: with Steve Tetreault

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Steve Tetreault. Steve is involved with the library world in New Jersey and writes for AASL’s Knowledge Quest. Click here to listen now!

Here are some key thoughts Steve shared about literacy:

  • #EndLiteracyShaming - Steve wants to end teacher and student ridicule of reading selections.

  • He believes that reading levels, book length, and format don’t matter if someone is interested in reading and has fought to get graphic novels in the library.

  • Be gentle! Some Teachers are all about “whatever kids will read is great”; others are VERY attached to their beliefs about what constitutes “proper literature”.

  • Librarians have the potential to be the best investment a school makes since they work with all people on campus. Librarians are the “silver bullet” in education. (Click to read Steve’s article.)

You can connect with Steve Tetreault at:

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