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Embedded Librarianship: with IdaMae Craddock

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is IdaMae Craddock. She currently works at a library in a Virginia middle and high school lab school. Her school tests out some of the education ideas the state is interested in exploring more deeply like all standards based grading. Her middle school is an integrated project based learning school and the high school is an IB school. IdaMae practices embedded librarianship in this setting. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips IdaMae shared:

  • Help students rediscover the joy of learning in the library.

  • Create a place where students can enjoy learning.

  • Her school’s professional development team has declared this summer to be the Summer of Self Care. As part of that self care, IdaMae is hosting a teacher summer reading group - all for pleasure reading!

  • There is a balance between social emotional learning and academic performance. Be sure to focus on both.

  • IdaMae pulled together hot topic “fact sheets” for teachers to use in the classroom. She made sure to use valid and reliable sources to help teachers be prepared to address student questions.

Here are some things IdaMae Craddock does as an embedded librarian:

  • She is in the classroom for most of her day practicing embedded librarianship.

  • Her school’s hallways are lined with the library books since she does not have a physical library.

  • Her students are working on a special project to create a “safe space” which will be close to the counseling center. IdaMae will house the non-fiction titles there. The students are designing furniture for the space.

shelves lining hallway
Photo Credit: IdaMae Craddock

You can connect with IdaMae Craddock at:

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