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Dynamic Shelving: with Kristen Badger

Updated: May 29, 2022

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Kristen Badger. She currently works at a high school library in Florida, but has also worked in a middle school and elementary school library. Click here to listen now!

Kristen shares her experience with Dynamic Shelving.

  • When you hear dynamic shelving think Barnes and Noble that has some books spine out and others that are in stacks and forward facing.

  • Circulation doubled once Kristen moved to dynamic shelving.

  • Her students are talking more about the books they see on display.

  • Kristen displays dynamic shelving by genre. She describes how she sets up book stacks by author or series, with one book sitting on top.

  • For now she has focused on her fiction section and is just starting to think about to replicate this in her nonfiction section.

Kristen also shared how she has set up each of her libraries differently based on the needs of each school. She encourages you to talk to your admin about these needs.

  • At one school she had a lot of first year teachers who needed her to model best teaching practices and technology integration. So she set up a huge classroom area in the back of the library.

  • At one school the main need was to build a culture of reading. Kristen encouraged the staff to read the state award books so they could help her encourage their students to read them. So, she had a ton of book displays and displays recognizing readers.

  • At her current school the biggest need is for the students and staff to have a place to go where they feel welcomed and where they belong. Kristen helped set up a coffee bar with plenty of space for people to mingle.

  • Kristen also wants you to know that EVERYTHING in the library is moveable. Don’t be afraid to move furniture to meet your needs.

You can connect with Kristen Badger at:

In this interview Kristen mentions she first learned about dynamic shelving on social media. Kelsey Bogan should be credited with coining the phrase “Dynamic Shelving” in her blog post. Check out her article and photos for more details.

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