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Different Strategies, Same Goals: with Jennifer LaGarde

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Jennifer LaGarde a couple of weeks ago. Jennifer is a K-12 Librarian, as well as a speaker and author in support of school librarians and their libraries.

I asked Jennifer for some tips for librarians who are trying to connect with others at their campuses:

  • Be a solution to problems that are already on teachers’ plates. They need help to existing issues. Once they saw that I could help with their existing problems, then they were more willing to work with her.

  • Create opportunities to listen in to teachers’ conversations - lunchroom, copy room, faculty meeting. Position yourself as a listener and listen for what teachers are identifying as big rocks. Then you’ll be in a position to serve the teachers.

  • Jennifer quoted Doug Johnson - Listen to clues that keep your principal up at night. This will help you identify their priorities and put you in a position to help solve those problems.

Jennifer co-authored a book with Darren Hudgins called Fact vs Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Fake News.

Follow Jennifer LaGarde’s work at:

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