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Cultivate Curiosity with Makerspace: with Hillary M. Marshall

The Librarian Influencer of the Week Hillary M. Marshall has been a librarian for the past 18 years at all school levels. She’s currently working in the state of Washington at a high school library. She is also the Washington Library Association School Library Division Chair. Click here to listen now!

In this podcast, Hillary does a wonderful job describing her first year in the school library.

  • She suggests new librarians should focus on building relationships with their students, faculty, and other librarians in their community and outside their community.

  • She built relationships with her elementary students and taught them to take charge of organizing her shelves.

  • She participated in the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award.

  • Keep your passion and always remember who your patrons are.

  • Keep some balance in your life and not work all the time.

Here are some Librarian Influencer strategies Hillary shared:

Hillary also shared some Makerspace ideas.

  • She creates a monthly Makerspace challenge

  • Makerspace can cultivate curiosity

  • She is approaching curricular area contacts to help her integrate Makerspace content

  • Tie Makerspace to state standards and you should be able to get district support

  • Write grants to help fund your Makerspace

  • She borrows STEM kits from her public library

You can follow Librarian Influencer Hillary M. Marshall at:

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