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Create a Diverse Collection: with Djeneba Muhammad

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Georgia librarian Djeneba Muhammad. She was a teacher for 8 years and is now in her first year at a high school library. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Djeneba shared:

  • With no students on campus during the pandemic, she has made time to weed and genrefy her collection.

  • Ask your book reps for advice on things like weeding the books.

  • Realize that weeding is more than just pulling books from the shelves. There are a lot of steps to actually “remove” a book from your collection.

  • Djeneba sends out Media Memos to update her teachers about new things in the library.

  • She uses the site AllSides to teach news literacy in a balanced way.

Djeneba wants to encourage librarians to take a closer look at their collection.

  • Get your population demographics so you have a good handle on who your collection should represent.

  • Do keyword searches to help you dig into your collection.

  • Children should see themselves in the stories you have.

  • Look for a diversity in authors who are culturally respective.

You can connect with Djeneba Muhammad at:

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