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Connect, Share, Learn Grow: with Nikki D. Robertson

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Nikki D. Robertson. Nikki has worked in both elementary and high school libraries in the past. She currently works at Region 13 Education Service Center in Austin, Texas as the Distance and Digital Learning Coordinator. She is working on a PhD in the area of Integrating Technology and Learning. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Nikki shared:

  • Build relationships. From there you will begin to do other things like connect with the curriculum and collaborate.

  • Put aside the things you want to do and instead listen to the voice and choice of your teachers and students.

  • Meet them where they are and provide what they need.

  • Nikki shared a Doug Johnson quote: “As librarians, we can offer the very best hammer in the world, but if your principal, your teachers or your parents really need and want a wrench, a screwdriver or a hacksaw, having a hammer, no matter how wonderful, is simply immaterial. They get “it” that you have a great hammer - it just isn’t relevant or important to them. Even if you think it darned well should be.”

Nikki D. Robertson wants librarians to understand the importance of Connect, Share, Learn, Grow: The power of social media as a delivery method for actionable professional development.

  • She’s exploring librarian’s perceptions of social media being used for their own professional development.

  • When you post on social media, try to post activities and things students are doing.

  • Think of it as telling a story about your students. This is a form of advocacy.

  • Nikki used centers at the elementary level. One center was called “library helpers” and students would record things students were doing at the other centers.

  • AASL Twitter chats - the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 pm EST

You can connect with Nikki D. Robertson at:

Here is a Librarian Influencers’ blog post about searching social media posts and identifying people who are discussion topics of interest to you. What Exactly Is a Hashtag?

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