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Collection Development Matters: with Becky Calzada and Liz Philippi

The Librarian Influencers of the Week is a dynamic Texas duo! Let’s meet Becky Calzada and Liz Philippi. Becky is the District Library Coordinator in Leander ISD. Liz Philippi is the School Program Coordinator for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Click here to listen now!

Becky and Liz recently wrote an article for Knowledge Quest about collection development. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Conduct a collection analysis for free from one of your vendors: Bound to Stay Bound, Follett, Mackin, Perma Bound

  • Walk your shelves and look for things that stand out like old book covers, overpacked shelves, rough condition

  • “The shelves tell a story, too.” Becky says watch what’s being checked out. What’s being left behind on the shelves?

  • Consider creating a weeding schedule like Becky did to plan out focused time for weeding/deselecting books

  • Use the CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries to help you weed strategically.

  • Liz reminds you to weed carefully your first year. You don’t want to lose any teacher allies as you get started. Be sure to replace a much loved title with a newer, updated title.

  • Liz recommends bringing in a friend to help you weed. They won’t have the same emotional connection to the books that you did.

  • As you build your collection be sure to include diversity, inclusion, and equity to help your students see themselves in your books, relate to the world around them, and even to build your students’ empathy.

  • Remember the national and state reading awards to help you build out your collection.

  • Keep an ongoing wish list in your favorite vendor account. You should always be prepared for when funding comes your way.

You can connect with Becky and Liz at:

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