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Classroom Book Clubs: with Donna Mignardi

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Donna Mignardi, a high school librarian in Maryland. Click here to listen now!

Donna shares how developing a culture of reading by using classroom book clubs. This has changed her school.

  • They used Penny Kittle’s ideas for inspiration.

  • The goal was to read with a friend.

  • She sets up an area of her shelves to display sets of classroom book clubs for students to browse through. She puts multiple copies of the same title there.

  • They meet once a quarter. 1 - Dated a book. 2 - Book Tasting. 3 - Dated a book. 4 - Star books.

  • As the librarian she selects and curates the book club books. You can use multiple copies of same book, choose genre sets, etc. Teachers and students can recommend titles. She also uses Project Lit to help her select books.

Book Club Impacts:

  • They noticed that classroom book clubs seemed to Increase reading stamina.

  • Circulation has increased greatly.

  • Students are checking out more books that are not part of the book clubs.

  • Visits to the library increased.

You can connect with Donna Mignardi at:

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