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Bring Your A Game to the Library: with Lia Fisher-Janosz

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Lia Fisher-Janosz who works in Virginia at a K-5 public school library. She is in her 4th year as librarian and has a lot to share with the audience. Click here to listen now!

Lia wants new and veteran school librarians to bring their “A” game by focusing on Aesthetics, Accessibility, Acquisitions, & Advocacy!

  • Aesthetics - Your environment does matter. Of course you want it warm and welcoming. But, maybe even make it a little magical! Paint can work magic! Hang floating battery operated candles by your Harry Potter books!

  • Accessibility - Work on the flow in your library. Make your signage more visible, including words and images.

  • Acquisitions - Resources your students need.

  • Advocacy - It’s about our students and library, not about you! Find one ally to start working with.

Lia reviews Donor Choose to help librarians understand one alternative way of financing some of your projects.

You can connect with Lia FIsher-Janosz at:

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