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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to say that each and everyone of you is a blessing to me and a blessing to those you serve day in and day out.

Thank you for tirelessly doing what you do and working so hard to keep a smile on your face. As you smile you are relaxing the environment around you and most people tend to respond in a similar fashion. That is part of the influence you have. According to the Oxford's Learning Dictionary, influence is "to have an effect on the way that somebody behaves or thinks, especially by giving them an example to follow."

So, not only do you influence your student's reading and learning lives, you also influence who they are becoming as a human being. Thank you for doing that! It is very essential that our learners have people like you in their lives who can influence them in positive ways.

So, my words are not enough. But, I want you to know that your efforts are not going unnoticed. Thank you!

For anyone who is interested, I have my Library Program Planners 50% off between now and December 5, 2020. Use the coupon code "blackfriday" when you check out. This is only good for the Library Program Planners.

Dr. Laura

Have you met Shawna Ford? She has worked in an elementary librarian, a central office curriculum position, and now Region 11 Education Service Center as a library services consultant where she serves 77 school districts and also manages a statewide library consortium for 142 districts.

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