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Blaze New Trails: with Jennifer Wyatt

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is Jennifer Wyatt. Jennifer has worked in a variety of library careers and currently works to support librarians and instructional technologists in her Texas district. Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Jennifer shared:

  • There are guidelines for how librarians do things like cataloging. But if it will better serve your students to do something differently, don’t be afraid to do it!

  • Librarians are in pivotal roles as instructional partners and collaborators. They can help roll out new district initiatives.

  • Simple things we do can really impress students and have an impact. For example, librarians can have a YouTube channel for book talks.

Jennifer Wyatt wants librarians to blaze new trails.

  • The pandemic showed that librarians were poised to blaze new trails.

  • Show people what you do. Don’t just tell them.

  • Post-pandemic, will you keep pushing a cart into the classrooms? This allowed you to connect with students and teachers with the content they were doing in the classroom.

  • Identify the things that worked for you during the pandemic. Figure out ways to continue these good things you started.

  • Let’s continue to prepare students for online experiences in their future.

You can connect with Jennifer Wyatt at:

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