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Better Together: with Kristina Holzweiss

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is New York Ed Tech Librarian, Kristina Holzweiss. She is also known as Lieberrian in social media. Click here to listen to her interview now.

BookCreator App

  • Kristina used this app to create trainings for her teachers.

  • You can add video, links, and more!

  • She used this app to share with others how to write/create a book like Scholastic Makerspace books.

During COvid-19, Kristina crowdsourced 2 eBooks to help educators. She hopes these resources make their way into higher ed for teacher and librarian preparation programs.

EPIC eBooks of Web Tools & Apps

  • Teachers proposed a web tool or app they wanted to share with others.

  • They shared the specific tool that was their expertise.

  • Kristina suggested using a double page spread to make it easy to look at.

  • Add this book to your school’s LMS.

  • Use this book to approach collaborating with your teachers.

Digital Librarian's Survival Toolkit

  • This book is more about using the tools in a library setting.

  • You'll find small chunks of learning to empower librarians in performing their job.

  • You can watch the eBook's release party on YouTube! Kristina introduces the book and some of the authors share about their pages.

You can follow Librarian Influencer Kristina Holzweiss at:

Please share these 2 eBooks with your contacts. They'll appreciate you!

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