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Be your own PR machine: with Margaux DelGuidice-Calemmo

The Librarian Influencer of the Week is New York librarian Margaux DelGuidice-Calemmo! Click here to listen now!

Here are some librarian influencer tips Margaux shared:

  • Leave your personal baggage at the door. Don’t get involved in the grade/department level drama.

  • Approach your principal as a team member. Keep them in the loop about the good and bad things. Suggest solutions to issues you want to bring up.

  • The pandemic helped her focus on multiple literacies and technology. She continued supporting students and found herself supporting teachers more during this time.

  • She even provided professional development for administrators in the area of technology. She and a team presented at an annual retreat to help principals better use technology to support their students and teachers.

Be your own PR machine:

  • Stay focused on the students. Advocate for yourself and your library program. The students will reap the benefits.

  • Share all of the good that is happening in your school library.

  • Gather testimonials from students and parents.

  • This is not the time/place to be humble.

  • Margaux has a library services menu that she shares with her staff. She used Canva to create this.

  • Introduce yourself to the PTA president and send them your library services menu. Create a partnership with your local public library.

  • Use S’more or Wakelet to create a monthly/quarterly newsletter.

  • Margaux shared the value of Twitter in her professional connections and growth. (Here is a link to some background on using Twitter and understanding hashtags.)

Library Menu

You can connect with Margaux DelGuidice-Calemmo at:

Margaux's publications/appearances include:

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