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Author Visits Part 2

Last week we talked about some options for paying for author visits. Let's look at some options for finding authors to visit with your students.

Do you have a good relationship with one of your book sales reps? If so, ask them to keep you in the loop on author visits they or their company are sponsoring. I have seen where large school systems or regions get free or reduced rates on author visits because their book seller has sponsored some or all of the cost.

For example, my friends Lex Anne and Debra, who work for Perma Bound in the north Texas area, host special events for their customers. When the pandemic started, these two ladies began hosting Hump Day Hangouts in support of their customers. This week, they partnered with Penguin Random House and were able to interview Jan Brett and share the release of her new book titled Cozy, who happens to be the softest musk ox in Alaska! I got to listen in and was star struck hearing Jan Brett talk. She was an essential part of my time in both the classroom and library.

Other times it is a book distributor or even a book store/company who brings authors to people. Follow the social media accounts for the companies and reps you use the most.

Follett advertised this on their social media:

And Barnes and Nobel promoted this on their social media account:

There are also some good sites for you to keep tabs on virtual author visits and other fun virtual events. One is called Skype in the Classroom: Visit their site and look at all the options.

While we continue with our unusual schedules, virtual author visits may be the way to go for now. So many people are unable or unwilling to travel right now. So take advantage of the virtual author events so many companies are hosting.

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